Communication dated 12/03/2011:

"I am passionate traders, but beyond that worked also as an economic journalist. I have opened about 3 months, two accounts (a forex and futures account) with ActivTrades in London. There were just asking for trouble (I can really ActivTrades Share anything!).

I have of ActivTrades never received a bank statement, because the - had entered incorrectly in my Kontoerföffnung correctly specified e-mail address - how, after three months, after several inquiries on my part turned out. In this respect, the position indicator in the Strategy Runner is the only possibility of control in relation to my position was, which was made available to me. Of course I'm counting on it! Finally, I run a heavy traders no line lists how many contracts I've bought or sold. Why do I have the software? What is displayed in the software does - so I thought. And if there is I'm flat, I'm flat and the market must pay any particular attention.

For weeks, was in the Strategy Runner appears a reasonable profit, I had erwirschaftet on my trading account. In one day, but I have had a very high daily loss of the account fell to the brink of total loss. This loss, I could not explain, first of all. What had happened? ActivTrades Dax had closed out and gold futures contracts, which I knew nothing at all - after all, they were not displayed in the Strategy Runner. For weeks, was so built up an immense loss, which I was not known. In this respect, I could not counter this, otherwise I would have the positions that were absolutely contrary to my own opinion of the market, long since closed.

On the loss, I'm sitting still. ActivTrades has talked himself out. Otherwise, you can always be happy if the server does ActivTrades then if he is to work. I had several times in case I wanted to close out futures and the platform has not executed my trades, or very delayed. By the way: I've never had a futures broker with such an extreme slippage!

As for the service I can have no positve word: E-mails are not or only very delayed and incomplete answers succinctly. The staff on the phone show not just competence. I can remember a call where I did not even know if my interlocutor is speaking to me. He constantly had to give my question a whisper to his colleague, who he then whispered an answer in his ear. The thought of course I do not hear that, but the employee at the interview even forgot to press the "mute".

The "technical support" from ActivTrades is a total joke. Without comment. I myself have many times more to know. I'll spare you details ...."                                    - das Oelpportal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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